Above and Beyond

“Above and beyond is our business as usual” is the credo SilverMed Pharmacy Services, LLC works by each and every day.

When we recruit new employees, we look for candidates who demonstrate the caring and work-ethic necessary to meet SilverMed’s “above and beyond … “ philosophy.

Our training programs, are in-depth blended learning experiences. Technical job role training is infused with examples of how team members have gone “above and beyond” in their job role to solve challenging issues.

SilverMed team members have broad authority to immediately resolve issues whenever possible.  When team members can’t resolve an issue right away, there is no passing the buck.  That team member is responsible and accountable to get the right resources involved to expeditiously resolve the issue.

Hiring great people, providing best-in-class training, and empowering our team are just a few of the ways we engrain our credo into the fabric of SilverMed’s culture.

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