New Client Onboarding Process

Dedicated Onboarding Team

“Above and beyond is our business as usual” is the SilverMed credo.  You will recognize this the moment you begin working with your onboarding team.  No challenge is too difficult for our team to tackle.

Your onboarding team is headed by a project manager and includes a pharmacy technician, billing specialist and pharmacist advisor.  Every onboarding team is championed by one of SilverMed’s executive leaders.  Your onboarding team will be with you every step of the way from your kick-off meeting to being onsite when your medications first arrive.

Comprehensive Information Gathering

SilverMed’s onboarding process is the product of lessons learned by our pharmacy team onboarding  hundreds of new nursing center clients.  Onboarding projects kick-off with a meet and greet to start building relationships between our teams and to clearly articulate the onboarding process and expectations.

SilverMed collects a lot of information about your facility. It is a thorough process that pays dividends during service transition.  SilverMed will do most of the heavy lifting, however a partnership between your staff and pharmacy is an essential ingredient for a successful stress-free transition.

Rigorous Project Management

Onboarding teams are trained in project management. SilverMed project plans are incredibly detailed. As are our information collection workbooks. Onboarding teams meet daily for 5-minute standup meetings and formally at least weekly throughout your onboarding. Formal project meetings are attended by at least one senior executive.

Every step of the process is meticulously planned and managed to make your onboarding experience stress-free.

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