Pharmacy Services

Medication Packaging

Blister cards are SilverMed’s packaging method of choice.  We specifically selected this packaging for a couple of practical reasons.

  1. Blister cards are a proven packaging system that is easy to use.
  2. It is a widely-used system.  As a result, almost all LTC nurses are familiar with blister card systems.  This means new or temporary nurses will be up-to-speed almost immediately.

SilverMed offers several ordering methods:

  • cycle fills
  • automatic refills
  • on-demand ordering


Orders are delivered by uniformed couriers.  Drivers use hand-held devices for electronic signatures, so nurses do no have to deal with paperwork at the point of delivery.

Nurses can check on the status of an order simply by looking it up online from our client portal.  We use GPS tracking of our delivery vehicles.

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