Technology-enabled Medication Management

  • Electronic Integration: SilverMed effectively uses technology to enable the medication management system. Our EMR and automated dispensing cabinet (ADU) electronic interfaces as well as our online client portal automate 2-way communication between your facility and SilverMed. Electronic prescriptions sent by physicians to SilverMed automatically populate the pharmacy’s content management work queue for triage and prioritization.
  • Workflow Automation: SilverMed’s integrated pharmacy software and automation facilitates efficient workflow and accurate dispensing. Our systems eliminate manual steps, automate follow-up tasks, electronically verify fills, and package medications at the touch of a button.
  • Logistics Technology: SilverMed uses GPS and other logistics technology to efficiently and accurately delivery orders to your facility. Receiving your delivery from SilverMed’s courier is a paperless process. Your nurse will confirm delivery on the driver’s hand-held device.  Vehicles are tracked via GPS.  SilverMed can precisely track your delivery’s progress in real-time.
  • Data Security: SilverMed takes data security very seriously. Our systems use:
    Two-Factor Authentication prevents logins and prevents stolen passwords from giving access to hackers.
    Firewall Advanced Threat Protection provides a robust first line of defense against a wide range of cybercrime threats.  Managed disk encryption makes data unreadable to unauthorized parties and even more secure in the event it is compromised.
    Next-Generation Antivirus with Host Intrusion Detection provides additional protection against cybercriminal software.
  • Automated Dispensing Units: Biometric security, electronic inventory management, barcode verification, pick-to-light and online reporting makes first dose and emergency medication dispensing efficient, accurate, easy to use and secure.

Data-Driven Medication Management

SilverMed’s advanced analytics platform provides insights into:

✓ Improving clinical outcomes

✓ Containing costs

✓ Refining workflow processes

✓ Maximizing medication security

✓ Assuring regulatory compliance

SilverMed maintains an extensive electronic audit trail of every prescription we dispense.  Virtually every touchpoint along the process (receipt of order through delivery) is electronically captured and timestamped. Your pharmacist consultant will also collect valuable clinical and operational data during monthly reviews.  Our advanced analytics platform provides standard, custom and interactive reports that summarize, trend and drill down into your data to provide meaningful clinical, operational and financial insights.

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